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Via Checchia Rispoli, 319 lotto A 71016 San Severo | FG | Italy
+39 0882.222961
WhatsApp: +39 351.1824827


Erbolinea creates new and unique fragrances of their kind, giving each of them a different imprint. Erbolinea produces lines of room diffusers with sticks, catalytic lamps, sprays and car perfumes.


From the passion and research begun in 1995 in a small laboratory in southern Italy, a forge of stimuli and perfumes, with a painstaking alchemy of the olfactory pyramid, raw materials were selected from fragrance extracts of fruits, flowers, oils and resins, creating fragrances that pervaded the environment in a selective and persistent way, thus giving life to an all-Italian excellence in complete respect for nature.


Erbolinea produces a selection of room diffusers with fine bamboo sticks, catalytic lamps, sprays and even car fragrances, all with timeless notes to give unusual atmospheres and great hospitality and refinement.


Erbolinea is a company specializing in perfuming environments that for over 25 years has been creating lines conceived, designed and manufactured in Italy where quality is synonymous with Made in Italy. In addition, thanks to herbal experience, Erbolinea boasts of being, in its stores, an herbalist shop that looks to the future, to modernity and to technical innovation for body care.


 The Italian journey  Face cosmetic line  Gastronomic perfumery
 Sanitizers Defense Line  Room fragrances  Ceramic diffusers
 Porcelain diffusers  Decanter line  Intense Home Spray Line
 100% Soy Scented Candles  Ultrasonic diffusers  Perfume extracts
 Scented Cards  Catalytic lamps  Accessories and Spare Parts
 Gift package  Car air fresheners  Perfume for laundry


  • STORE ERBOLINEA – Via Teresa Masselli, 15 – San Severo (FG) – Tel. +39 0882 226606.
  • STORE ERBOLINEA – Via Tiberio Solis, 119/A. – San Severo (FG) – Tel. +39 0882 228078.
  • LA MONGOLFIERA – Centro Commerciale La Mongolfiera – Viale degli Aviatori, 126 – Foggia – Tel. +39 0881 611525.



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