The Gargano and the bicycle form a winning combination. This land, in fact, seems made for those which love to discover the territory by bike, slowly, trail to trail, with the opportunity to enjoy, at pedal strokes, the coastal passages, the enchanted woods and places that tell the story of this land.


With Gargano Ok can be programmed routes by bike to suit all needs, along streets bordering the sea through beautiful towns such as Vieste or Rodi Garganico, or stopping for a break relaxing on the beach. You cycle along nature trails surrounded by ancient olive trees or still along the Varano Lake or the Lake Lesina.


Or still you can reach the hinterland, sometimes rugged and hilly, for enjoying from there an unmissable view on the vastness of the sea. Crossing the Gargano by bike, every day you will experience a different journey.